How to Tell if Your Counter Flashing Needs Repair or Replacement

Are you wondering if your counter flashing needs to be repaired or replaced? If so, there are a few signs you should pay attention to. Rust stains in the firebox, significant corrosion and rust on gaskets and gutters, and damage to the metal are all indicators that it's time for a repair or replacement. Additionally, if you're switching from a three-dimensional asphalt shingle to a three-dimensional asphalt shingle, you'll need to replace the joint cover. It's important to understand what counter flashing is and what it does.

It's a sheet of metal that prevents water from entering under the roof and leaking into the house. It's usually placed on the ceiling surface and on a socket on the base. It's also known as a chimney plug or ceiling plug, and it's often used with a tiered joint cover to waterproof the base of the chimney. The lifespan of your counter flashing depends on several factors, such as where you live, the shape and size of the chimney, and the materials used to manufacture it.

Generally, it can last up to 30 years. Knowing when your home was built can help you keep track of when your chimney plug needs to be replaced. When it comes time for roof maintenance, it's important to inspect your counter flashing. If your contractor doesn't see that it has rusted and the integrity of the metal is still maintained, then it won't need to be replaced during the roof replacement.

However, if it's damaged or rusty, then it will need to be changed. You can buy prefabricated joint cover pieces, but many roofing professionals prefer to cut their own roof gaskets out of sheet metal. Roofing professionals may use nails for wall plugs, but they must choose between nailing them to the ceiling plane or to the vertical wall. It's important to remember that roof plugs are not the only part of the roof that must be installed using correct roofing techniques in order to protect its life.

Climate and temperature changes can cause normal wear and tear on roof coverings as well as other exterior features of your home. If you're having trouble with your counter flashing or have any questions about your specific roof, a professional can help you solve all your problems. The Bill Ragan Roofing team has been repairing and replacing roofing systems in and around Nashville since 1990.